Agile Way of Working

The Agile Way of Working focuses on a collaborative, effective and efficient way of working in public service so teams and staff can do meaningful work to provide valuable impact for agencies and the public. This is a space where good practices and learnings are gathered, contributed by practitioners in public service and the GovTech Agile Community.

APEX Cloud

APEX Cloud is a centralised and secured API platform for accessing government services

API Standards & Governance (ASG)

ASG is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a unified, secure, and efficient API ecosystem across government. Our mission is to empower agencies with standardized practices, governance frameworks, and innovative solutions for enhanced interoperability, streamlined processes, and collaboration around APIs.

Asynchronous Data Exchange (ADEX)

ADEX a browser-based application that enables data sharing of real-time information

Cloud File Transfer (CFT)

CFT is a lightweight, fully managed, API-driven service that allows agencies or businesses to transfer files easily, securely and efficiently at scale

Cloud-first Architecture policy

The Cloud-first Architecture (IM8-CFA) Sandbox supports the development of an alternative set of cloud-native security policies and best-practices that fulfils the intent of the existing IM8 Security section.


CloudSCAPE helps agencies secure deployments on GCC 2.0 by providing guidance to meet compliance requirements, as well as automated scans to monitor and send alerts when deployments do not meet the security baseline

Code Security and Compliance Automation Platform Ecosystem (CodeSCAPE)

CodeSCAPE is a platform that provides automated scans and guidance on best practices and compliance requirements to improve the DevSecOps practices for agencies using SHIP-HATS GitLab.

Container Stack (CStack)

CStack is a cloud-based container hosting platform. It also offers agencies the ability to kickstart, and/or accelerate their agile and DevOps/DevSecOps practices and culture without the overhead to setup and maintain the required infrastructure and moving parts.

Data & AI Literacy ePrimer

The Data & AI Literacy ePrimer is a series of 5 modules to explore data science and AI in layman understanding

Data Engineering

This segment introduces the components of a successful data engineering strategy and provides guidance on how to start or improve data engineering initiatives. Both technical and non-technical folk can benefit from this.

Data Transformation

This playbook shares various tactics to enable data transformation ranging from organisation structure, training, infrastructure to building up a strong data culture and will be useful for those embarking on their own organisation’s data transformation journey.

Developer Console

A centralised management console designed to empower agencies to accelerate their development process.

DevSecOps Playbook

A guide to implement DevSecOps policy in agencies


DIYGoWhere is a self-service campaign builder that allows agencies to build, manage and roll out GoWhere sites.


FileSG is an automated document orchestration service that facilitates agencies with issuing documents to members of public


A knowledge base which includes playbooks and technical literatures aiming to uplift the geospatial maturity and capability of agencies. The learnings and best practices included have been garnered from experiences by members of the Geospatial and Systems Technology Coordination Group (GSTCG) that have implemented Geospatial based systems.

Government on Commercial Cloud (GCC)

Commercial cloud services for Government development teams

IM8 Reform

IM8 Reform is an on-going programme to transform the policy controls to be lean, relevant and effective.

Infra to Code

Infra to Code is a solution to allow import of existing cloud infrastructure resources into Terraform files and states and thus enable agencies to manage the existing infrastructure as code with version control system


The Innersource initiative for engineering collaboration and sharing for the Singapore Government

Mobile Application Security Hygiene (MASH)

MASH is a GovTech-developed Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tool that can be used to identify common vulnerabilities or unnecessary exposures in mobile applications

National Career Records (NCR)

NCR provides an API for Singaporean citizens and residents to consent to sharing government-verified employment data with third parties

National Digital Identity (NDI)

NDI provides better convenience and security for citizens when transacting online, with both the government and private sector.

Open Digital Platform (ODP)

ODP is an intelligent smart city operating system that centralises various building and estate facilities management operations onto a unified cyber-physical platform to deliver convenience for citizens, businesses and other government agencies. The ODP also supports the deployment of digital twin solutions for advanced estate management capabilities in AI Automation, Modelling and Simulation.


Postman is an easy-to-use multichannel cloud-based platform that enables the Singapore Government to deliver essential information to citizens promptly.


A cli tool to redact and un-redact sensitive data from multiple log files


SearchSG is a Search-as-a-Service tech stack developed with the intent to make government information and services more easily findable and accessible.

Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review supports software engineers to better identify and assess code vulnerabilities, allowing applications to be built in a more secure, robust and cost-effective manner

Security Suite for Engineering Endpoint Devices (SEED)

SEED is the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for GCC 2.0 environment

Security Testing

A set of guidelines for Agencies (Customers) and industry security testing providers (Suppliers) to refer to during a security testing engagement.

SGTS Product Updates

SGTS product updates for the Public Sector Developer Communities


The DevOps platform for the Government

Singapore Government Developer Portal

Content publishing guides for Developer Portal publishers


StackOps is a monitoring tool tailored for WOG to enhance observability, centralised log monitoring, data aggregation & visualisation, and the security monitoring features across your cloud applications and infrastructure.


TechBiz is a one-stop shop for government agencies to subscribe to Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) products


The SG Tech Stack Identity Platform

Whole of Government Application Analytics (WOGAA)

WOGAA is an analytics & performance platform for public officers to monitor the health of their government websites and optimise the performance of their digital services with data.

Whole-of-Government Video Analytics Playbook

The Whole-of-Government Video Analytics (VA) playbook contains practical knowledge and in-depth technical details, specifically designed for agency users exploring implementation of a VA solution.


Workpal is the single mobile front-end for public officers to access their Employee Services, enabling them to achieve easier and faster work transactions anytime anywhere