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API Exchange (APEX)

APEX is a centralised and secured API platform for accessing government services

Asset Management System (AMS)

AMS is an asset tracking system that enables agencies to manage and track all the assets within a single system

Asynchronous Data Exchange (ADEX)

ADEX a browser-based application that enables data sharing of real-time information

Cloud File Transfer (CFT)

CFT is a lightweight, fully managed, API-driven service that allows agencies or businesses to transfer files easily, securely and efficiently at scale

Container Stack (CStack)

CStack is a cloud-based container hosting platform. It also offers agencies the ability to kickstart, and/or accelerate their agile and DevOps/DevSecOps practices and culture without the overhead to setup and maintain the required infrastructure and moving parts.


DECADA is a set of tools and services for Government agencies to run sensors and IoT applications

Government Commercial Cloud (GCC)

Commercial cloud services for Government development teams

Security Suite for Engineering Endpoint Devices (SEED)

SEED is the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for GCC 2.0 environment


The DevOps platform for the Government

Singapore Government Developer Portal

Content publishing guides for Developer Portal publishers


The SG Tech Stack Identity Platform

Whole of Government Application Analytics (WOGAA)

WOGAA is an analytics & performance platform for public officers to monitor the health of their government websites and optimise the performance of their digital services with data.