Container Stack (CStack)

CStack is a cloud-based container hosting platform. It also offers agencies the ability to kickstart, and/or accelerate their agile and DevOps/DevSecOps practices and culture without the overhead to setup and maintain the required infrastructure and moving parts.

DevSecOps Playbook

A guide to implement DevSecOps policy in agencies


The Innersource initiative for engineering collaboration and sharing for the Singapore Government

Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review supports software engineers to better identify and assess code vulnerabilities, allowing applications to be built in a more secure, robust and cost-effective manner


The DevOps platform for the Government


StackOps is a monitoring tool tailored for WOG to enhance observability, centralised log monitoring, data aggregation & visualisation, and the security monitoring features across your cloud applications and infrastructure.


TechBiz is a one-stop shop for government agencies to subscribe to Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) products