Learn and integrate Government technologies and APIs

The Government developer documentation portal lets you explore technical resources and software documentation on technologies build by the Singapore Government, allowing you to more easily use or integrate government technologies in your projects.

This portal hosts both public and private documentation. Public officers and approved vendors who have access to a TechPass account can access private technical documentation after logging in.

➡ Explore public documentation

📧 Find out how to get access to TechPass

Publish technical documentation

If you are a public officer or an approved vendor with a TechPass account, you can write and publish documentation or API specifications for your own projects using Markdown or OpenAPI/Swagger files respectively. These files would be hosted and served by documentation portal as web pages, with support for full text search.

Access control

You can choose to publish them with public or private access, and if private, you can specify emails or entire email domains to allow other TechPass users holding those emails to access your documentation.

➡ View the publishing guide

You would need to have a TechPass account to view or publish private documentation